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{August 23, 2014}   Excuses Excuses

Sorry I seem to keep dropping off the face of the planet every week. I haven’t been on WP at all and haven’t been eating well, either.

Work started this week. It was all new hire training where every day was a different time and location. There was a huge lack of routine.

That’s excuse #1.


Every day they gave us a whole hour for lunch. I’m used to scarfing down my food in 5-10 minutes because teachers only get 30 minutes to eat. So what to do with 60? Oh! What food do they have around here? I can drive someplace and get something fun.

Excuse #2!


Sitting in a chair listening to someone talk at you is more exhausting than it sounds because it’s so dang boring! On the positive side I learned a lot and I’m cautiously hopeful that this district is a million times better than the last one.

But anyway, boredom was excuse #3. I deserve a reward for sitting on my ass for 8 hours, right?


Two of the days breakfast and lunch was provided. Free food and it was all tasty food, too!

Hello, excuse #4!


I could go on but that seems like enough. You get the point. They are all just that – Excuses. Yeah, it’s stressful to make such a huge transition after working in the same place for 7 years. Everything is new and exciting and stressful and overwhelming at the same time. I could have made better choices this week, though. I did exercise in the morning for 3 days and that is another huge change. Those first couple days left me far hungrier in the mornings than usual.


  • I got to meet a lot of new people. My introvert battery drained pretty fast but I still love meeting all these new colleagues and the higher ups, etc. I have yet to meet an unfriendly person and the district staff has been incredibly helpful even with the overwhelming amount of 150-odd new hires.
  • I weighed myself today which brought me back to reality. It’s been a couple weeks since stepping on the scale.
  • I learned a lot about my new district.
  • My commute one-way all week has been 15 minutes.
  • Morning exercise has gone better than I thought it would. Turns out it’s actually pretty energizing and I don’t feel sluggish at all!
  • I discovered I can live without my FitBit and it’s weird not worrying about getting in those steps, but I’m still trying to move around when I can regardless of all the junk food I’ve been eating.


The Week

This week a lot has been happening! Monday and Thursday were teacher evaluation training. Nothing too exciting.

5D color wheel


Tuesday and Wednesday were new hire general stuff like benefits, district strategic plan, etc. Tuesday night we all went down to the superintendent’s house and personally met all the school board members. He lives right on the river with some beautiful property.

The cool thing about Wednesday was the bus tour.


It was 3 hours of painful bumping around to check out all the schools (my muscles were still so sore from Monday!) but a very cool experience. We had tour guides and stopped off at the library, got library cards, and checked out the local museum where they were showing an exhibit of women’s shoes from the 1900’s. Wow, those were little, narrow shoes! Many of them still looked stylish even in today’s terms.


Sole Obsession was the name of the exhibit.

My favorite part was having lunch at the Muckleshoot Tribal School. I didn’t realize what a strong relationship my district has with them, but it makes sense considering the reservation is right next door and many of their children attend our schools.


They hosted a traditional lunch with salmon, root veggies, and berries. Then they spoiled us with a wide spread of desserts like pies, carrot cake, and mini cupcakes. While we ate we learned about the importance of community, they taught us how to say “shake my hand”, and our main presenter sang a thousand year old song that he described as a time when humans and animals spoke the same language. There is a powwow this weekend that everyone was invited to visit and bring family.

Wednesday night I made new friends. Yay friends! Mike’s old buddy from college contacted him and we hung out with him and his wife nearby with some drinks and pool. They both work at Wizards of the Coast. How cool is that? They like Magic (well duh) and fantasy/sci-fi books.  I have entirely too much in common with his wife. The guys practically had to drag us out of the bar because we didn’t stop gabbing. 🙂

Thursday we had Mike’s mom and her sister over for dinner. She has so many siblings it was the first time I’ve met this one because she’s from Idaho.

Friday was another training. Yay. But hey, the Seahawks kicked butt so that was fun.


Luckily there are no big plans this weekend. I think it would be fun to check out the powwow but mostly it will be nice to have some freedom to relax and enjoy this Saturday and Sunday. Oh, and Monday and Friday! There are just a few more weekdays of summer break left. Time to get back on track, too. No more waiting until Monday.

*What are your weekend plans?

*What do you do with an hour for lunch?

We do have an hour for lunch. A group of teachers go walking every day for about 20 minutes and then eat. I think I might join them this year. Others do extra curricular activities with students once or twice a week and some work in their rooms so they don’t have to stay late after school. Many teachers use the hour to eat and socialize, some even power nap.

Wow, an hour lunch at school is amazing! I’ve never heard of such a thing but then again Canada probably does things a little differently, right? Most non-teachers get full hour lunches available to them around here. It would be nice to get in some exercise in the middle of the day or do extracurricular activities with kids. Right now I have to create my own schedule for when I’m going to work with my students and I have a 30 minute lunch figured out, but am having a hard time fitting any planning time in because the schedule is so full.

The bus tour sounds so interesting (aside from the riding in the school bus part). What a great way to introduce you to your new area! This school district sounds great. You’re right though – sitting and listening is really exhausting. You’ll get back on track once things settle into a routine.

I was able to get back on track on Saturday which was nice. I’m feeling much better now that I’ve gotten a good deal of Zumba in and eaten better foods. I have 3 or 4 more days of school prep stuff and then school’s going to start next week on Wednesday!

Gratz on your new job!
Also: Wizards of the Coast — wow, totally cool. See if they need a new sysadmin hehe. Just kidding, I’m not ready to jump yet.

Excuses…are still excuses 🙂 They serve a purpose — they explain “what just happened there.” I think you’ll be fine.

Thank you! I’m anxious about my new job but just as excited. We have a Wizards of the Coast the next town over. He’s a developer and she’s a graphic designer. I think it’s pretty cool that a married couple gets to work at the same company and both be geeky together. I remember the days when there used to be Wizards of the Coast stores where you could buy all that fun stuff. Don’t know what happened to those but I used to frequent them. :p

I’m full of excuses these days too. And life is crazy so I’m not on here much either. I still enjoy reading your posts and find you inspiring! 🙂

Thanks Teresa! I enjoy hearing from you and I hope things are going ok. I can understand being so busy with life. It’s really hard to concentrate on lifestyle when there are so many other things going on.

I just heard my words from your page. My best friend (37 years now) and I also roomed together when we went off to college. I can remember saying so many times in a sing song voice, “I want something fun to eat”. Back then, we didn’t really even have to think about our weight. Now, that eating stuff because it’s fun still happens. Okay, not for the last 78 days. (geez how did I stay on anything for 78 days?) Right now, I’m thinking I want something fun to drink! Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka and soda would work! 🙂 Hang in there. Drop the excuses, it’s like getting rid of stuff from your house. It will set you free!

I’ve never heard of Eddy Ruby Red Vodka. That sounds like a fun liquor! I’ve tried the flavored ones like marshmallow. I’m more of a rum person, though.

I went ahead and dropped the excuses last weekend and got right back on track. It feels great. I’m hoping I can keep it up for more than a couple weeks!

now you’re talking!! way to go!!

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