Leanne Nalani

{November 1, 2014}   Gone But Not Lost

Hi everyone! I should explain myself for being gone for so long, but honestly I think I just needed a break. Since school started in September there hasn’t been a whole lot of down time and my brain has been a bit overwhelmed with all the chaos of being new, along with many unusual circumstances that should not have taken place but still had to be managed. Now things have finally started to settle and I can say that I am very happy at my new school and I love working with elementary school students! K-5 is even more fun than I could have anticipated. The kids are happy and excited about learning, the teachers are great to work with, the colleagues I spend the most time around are amazing, and the principal is by far the best school principal I have ever seen in my life.


As far as health goes, I’m about in the same place I was before – Still 20 pounds up from this:

Before After Side

Thinking about it, this was a bit extreme for me (and probably most normal people).

My weight is still in the healthy range for my height but I need to be careful. I want to lose at least 10 of these extra pounds because I still tend to have that problem with binge eating. It’s not nearly as bad as it has been over the past 2 years, though – It has been less frequent and lasts for less time. I think this is because I have been practicing a lot more intuitive eating and less obsessing. Unfortunately, enjoying life a little too much has its downsides. I’ve been spending a lot of time relaxing and enjoying food, mostly to a reasonable point, but still to a point where the weight is creeping up and up.

Still no FitBit. I lost it back in August and never replaced it. No big deal. I don’t think my weight gain has anything to do with that. I still use MFP regularly and try to be as honest as possible. The days when I don’t log are the days I binge and am too ashamed to show anyone how bad it was.

I’ve been drinking a lot more than usual, too. Prior to September I rarely imbibed and now it’s a little bit on most nights. With all the weekend parties lately, it’s been a much higher average.

I still exercise every morning at 6:30 before going to work. I’m a believer, now! It wakes me up and charges me for the day. There is one double-edged sword and that’s the fact that I only have time for 30 minutes and no longer. That’s a good thing because I can’t ever “over-do” a workout. Its a bad thing because I tend to eat more than necessary so that 30 minutes might not have been enough.


Life has been good. Maybe a little too good. There have been a lot of time spent with family and friends.



A family of teachers.


The Seahawks haven’t been doing so well but we still watch the games.

Last weekend we had two Halloween parties and a double birthday celebration. There was a lot of candy and cake! Lots of fun to be had all around.


I went as a gothic fairy and Mike was Jesse from Breaking Bad. Since we didn’t match as a couple he decided that I should be considered a raver instead.



I personally don’t know what the big deal is with Halloween. There are parents who keep their kids home from school on Halloween because of religious reasons. I know they have their reasons and I want to respect that, but to me it looks like those kids don’t get to have fun with the other kids. We aren’t even allowed to call it Halloween at our school – Instead we call it a “Harvest Festival”. No one is allowed to dress up or talk about Halloween, but the teachers still have parties all day long.


Tonight is my sister’s big birthday bash, so that will be fun.


I hope all is going well for everyone! I plan to be checking in soon!

*Did you dress up for Halloween? What was your costume?

Lamar says:

You look marvelous Leanne! Glad your new school is working out!

Thank you so much! Things are pretty darn good right now. 🙂

Welcome back. I wondered what happened to you. I think you look great as well.

Thanks! I feel pretty good right now so that’s an improvement on my body image issues, too. Maybe that’s what balance is about.

Glad you’re back and loving your new school so much! I agree – Halloween only has as much “evil” as adults give it. For kids it should just be about fun.

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