Leanne Nalani

{November 8, 2014}   Quiet Weekend

For the first time in a while, it’s a quiet weekend with zero plans. I am grateful for this because we’ve been busy a lot of the time. These are two days to recharge for a better work week.

Work Stress

This past week was very stressful with progress reports being due and one student with emotional issues, making me choose between teaching my group or helping him sort things out each of the 5 times a day I see him in the resource room. I’ve decided that it’s time to get the counselor in on this. I don’t want to be “insensitive Mrs. Marx” as I’m normally one to listen to kids’ problems, but for this student it’s something new every day (all very minor situationsĀ but he turns on the water works every time at the snap of a finger) and there are other student sitting there waiting for me to teach them.


Health Stress

All the stress has not helped my choices in food and drink. I’ve been going way overboard every night with food. We have mini chocolates at work and I am digging into that, too. Chocolate and coffee all day long at work, food and alcohol all night. The worst part is that every morning I start off well. I exercise and then tell myself that I won’t dig into the chocolate and that I will go home and eat like normal and track. Then it all goes sideways by lunch time and I’ve lost all willpower due to exhaustion.

I stepped on the scale and I’m 5 pounds up from last Saturday. Yep, out of control! I feel calmer now so I am going to try making better choices. Eat when hungry, eat reasonably, track, exercise, drink water. Sounds good on paper, right?


*How do you deal with work stress?

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