Leanne Nalani

{November 12, 2014}   Windy!




Irrational Fears


The wind has been crazy these past couple days! A couple times a year we get wind storms like this but I think this year wins for strongest gusts. It is so bad that school districts had to close due to power outages. Many friends and family have lost power at some point. I feel fortunate that we haven’t. I didn’t know that power lines could be buried, but I guess that is the reason why. We have lost power before, for 2 days, because of freezing.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, I have an irrational fear that the giant trees next door are going to topple onto our heads while we sleep at night. The gusts are very strong and the house feels like it’s shaking, so I get this picture in my head:


With all the noise I can’t sleep at night and I become a sleepless worry wart, thinking those 100-foot trees are going to fall over and crush us. I even think I can rationalize it because the wind only blows to the north which is the exact direction they would have to fall. In the end I know it doesn’t make sense but it still freaks me out. Same with flying. And bees.

Weekend and Days Off

On the upside, there was no school today! Yesterday was Veteran’s Day and since my parents were out of power and the wind created such a mess all day, I couldn’t get ahold of my dad to wish him a happy holiday.

We had a nice weekend of nothing happening so we went to Mt. Rainier.


By the time we got to the road to Sunrise and found out that it was closed, we were hungry so we went the other way around the mountain and ended up in Yakima. We looked all over for food but almost all of it was Mexican food which we didn’t really want. We ended up at a burger place but it wasn’t very good. Oh well. At least we saw some pretty yellow trees on the way.



All of them were the same color, which is not something we usually see west of the mountain. Mostly the trees of all different colors this time of year. Seeing all the trees turning at exactly the same time was neat.

On Sunday the Seahawks won their home game. In the middle of the game we checked the mail and got an unexpected mini windfall gift from a relative. Christmas came a little bit early, so we decided to upgrade our original iPhone 5 to the 6. I had no intentions of getting one until next year when the S version comes out, but the timing felt right and they had them in stock at the Apple store, so that’s what happened on Sunday. That and some new car tires.

Monday was school but we have late starts on Mondays so it was a shorter teaching day than usual. No school on Veteran’s Day and then no school today. It’s an odd week!


Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down. It’s really hot/cold in Leanne’s world of health. The only consistent thing is my exercise. At least there’s that. As for the food, most of the time I eat well. It’s the afternoons and weekends that kill me. Even though we got burgers on Sunday I ate a normal amount of food and counted it all in MFP. On Monday I was able to keep myself from digging into the candy stash in my classroom. I also narrowly avoided the cupcakes that were sitting in the staff lounge at lunch. Overall my intake has been good these last few days. The problem is that it never lasts a whole week or more, so I often end up maintaining my weight weekly or gaining a bit. Lots of creeping on the scale. Creep creep creep. It sucks and I don’t know what to do about it if I can’t motivate myself. Why can’t it be as easy as telling yourself to get your ass in gear and just do it? I feel like I’m unhappy with what’s happening and I don’t want to accept it because it’s unacceptable. But I feel like I must have accepted it because it’s happening, you know?

I know that feeling well. Maybe it will help to give yourself a time line and say you’re not accepting forever, just until “x” time. Until then, you’ll keep up the exercise and do as well as you can, but give yourself a break. The mental stress we cause ourselves in getting angry about the creep definitely doesn’t help anything, that’s for sure.

I’d be worried about those trees too! We get crazy wind here, but thankfully we’re in the suburbs so there aren’t any huge trees to worry about. Whew!

Great idea. I have a shopping even coming up on Sunday. Maybe I will say I’ll give myself a break after that for a day, or the following weekend.

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