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{November 23, 2014}   Holiday Season

Holidays and Health

It’s the holiday season and I’m ready for some Christmas music. How about you?



I try to wait until after Thanksgiving, though. At least Starbucks has all the good flavors out! One thing I love about my new workplace is my new colleagues. I’m making friends which is not something I have been able to do very well in other schools. Mostly it was just professional and friendly relationships, but now I feel like I’m actually making friends. Of course, with new friends, new relationships, and any transitions in life comes making bad choices with food. My new friend A who is a para at my school bought me Starbucks twice last week, an eggnog latte and a skinny peppermint mocha.


Oh so good! My other friend C who is the para I work with in my classroom bought us (3 adults and A’s 2 kids) pizza for lunch during conferences on Thursday. Not to mention that the 3 of us in my classroom all contribute to the coffee and chocolate stash that we have in the cupboards. Yeah, lost of bad choices. But we are having so much fun together that it’s hard for me to say no. Excuses, excuses.


The other weekend I went to an event at a nearby mall called the Magical Night of Giving.


You pay $5 for a ticket and the mall stays open late on a Sunday night. It was packed and there were major discounts. It was a little bit like Black Friday in a way. The Coach Outlet store had everything 50% off, and clearance was 70% off! I almost bought a bag but it was so expensive I just couldn’t justify it. I met A, her husband, and her two kids there and we wandered for a couple hours. I bought a bunch of jewelry from Fuego. We spent a lot of time geeking out to Dr. Who stuff in a couple different stores, too.

Other goings on… Mike ordered one of those Breaking Bad dolls because everyone tells him he looks like Jesse Pinkman.




His co-worker changed the label


We have a Giving Tree at work so it was fun going to the store this weekend and picking out some toys for kids in need.


We had parent conferences, too. The PTA fed us well, that’s for sure. The spread was impressive!


Lots of soups








OMG There was a lot of cake. I had a bit of the pumpkin one on the left.




Conference days have been half days so A’s kids have been spending the other half of the day in my classroom with me, A and C. It was really fun when I wasn’t in a conference to come back to my room and have people to chat with. A loves Dr. Who and plays some video games and so do her kids, so during our lunch break there were literally 4 Nintendo 3DS systems being played. C is older and has 2 kids in high school so she kind of laughs about how silly the four of us looked. It’s true, we did look silly. But we’re all geeks and that’s ok.


Video Games, Lounging, and Stuff

Our friend from California recently moved back to Washington so we’ve been hanging out more. He’s over this weekend and last weekend and it’s been fun. Seahawks are playing the Cardinals today and as much as I can hope for the best, reality predicts that the Cardinals are going to win. They are 9-1 and we are like 6-4. Yeah. Just because it’s a home game doesn’t mean much when you see those stats.

I’ve been playing a lot of video games. Is there a correlation between gaming and weight gain? People would probably say yes, but I’ve been a gamer my whole life and I can easily lose weight while gaming. Right now that’s not the case but anyway… I’ve talked about games I like to play before, so here are all the games I am in the middle of (the list is ridiculous!):

Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS3)


Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3)




Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (PS3)


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (Steam, PC)



Fantasy Life (3DS)



Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns (3DS)



Tales of Hearts R (Vita)


And next week comes a game from one of my favorite series:




It’s that time of year where games are always coming out. I’m either a hard core gamer or a hard core bookworm.Β It’s nice to come home after a long day of working my ass off to something very relaxing.

Speaking of relaxing, we’re hosting Thanksgiving and that is not so relaxing! This week I will be cleaning the house and prepping for the big day. All the ingredients and the turkey have been purchased so I just have to make sure I’m well prepared to get all these recipes done.

*Where are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year?

*Game time! Anyone play any of these games or game systems? Fellow geeks unite?


Cassy says:

Teach you to doubt the Seahawks… they ate those Cardinals! πŸ˜› I am hosting Thanksgiving this year for the first time EVER and I am freaking out. My husband’s family is HUGE. Like ginormous and I really haven’t been thinking about it as much as I should have. Yikes! Hopefully it will all work out for the best.

I have been debating on whether or not to splurge on getting a PS4… Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out next Christmas and I am sure I can find some games my husband would love to play as well on it…

Anyway it is great to see you are still blogging! Congrats on the new job!!

Hi Cassy!! Are you blogging anymore? I haven’t been on in a while but it’s so great to hear from you! It’s been too long.

Good luck with Thanksgiving! I’m sure you’ll pull it off well. I was super stressed our first time hosting but this time we have way fewer people and it’s going to be more like one of our typical family dinners.

If you get a PS4 then you’ll find other games to play on it, I’m sure. πŸ˜‰

Cassy says:

I took a really long break! My husband and I moved across country this year, and have been settling into the life of Colorado! I definitely need to get back on the inspirational wagon train though! Gained 20 pounds this year… yikes! So working on getting back on track.

I am excited to be surrounded by so much family for the holidays, but I am still definitely a small, intimate group type of person… but we shall see.haha As long as the turkey is cooked all the way through, I will call that a success!

I really need to find those Breaking Bad dolls! Glad you are having fun with your new friends – have a cup of coffee for me!

Mike ordered his Jesse doll online the day he read about the complaints to Toys R Us. :p Gotta love it.

I’ll have to check out that Dragon Age game. My husband liked the other Dragon Age games and he can be hard to buy gifts for, so a new game to lose himself in would be nice. πŸ™‚

This Dragon Age is really good a super addictive! It’s more like Skyrim now, with an open world and not as linear as before. I’m sure he’d love it. Now that I told Mike that it’s similar to Skyrim, he wants to play it.

He also liked Skyrim! Looks like it definitely needs to go on the list.

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