Leanne Nalani

Reasons Why I Wanted to Lose Weight:

1.I’ll be able to wear a smaller size.

2. I’ll look good in a bathing suit.

3. I’ll be more attractive.

4.I’ll feel happier when I look in the mirror.

5. I won’t feel as self-conscious.

6. I’ll have more confidence.

7. I’ll get more compliments.

8. My wedding ring and dress will fit.

9. My old clothes will fit/ I’ll fit into more fashionable clothing.

10. I’ll be less self-conscious about physical intimacy.

11. I’ll be less self-critical.

12. I’ll make a better impression on people.

13. I’ll be less inhibited about my body.

14. I’ll like myself better.

15. I’ll enjoy trying on clothes.

16. I won’t develop type 2 diabetes.

17. I’ll feel better physically.

18. I’ll have more energy and stamina.

19.Exercise will be easier.

20. I’ll be more assertive.

21. I’ll feel more optimistic.

22. I’ll feel as if I have accomplished something important.

23. I’ll be more willing to make life changes or find a new job.

24. I’ll feel in control.

25. I’ll feel strong.

26. I’ll have muscle definition.

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