Leanne Nalani

Chapter 3:

Third Gain & Third Weight Loss

“If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution.” – Author Unknown


Another life transition, another bad choice. This time from 2001-2005 I gained 75 pounds.

College, Age 20, 2003


Hawaii, Age 21, 2003


College, Age 22, 2004


University was a difficult but liberating experience. Lots of studying mixed with partying and dating. All these things along with quitting exercise – AGAIN – Were the perfect concoction for weight gain.

I graduated with my BA in elementary and special education, had a job lined up for the fall, and even had a year-long serious boyfriend. We moved in together and started our lives. One tricky part about being a short woman struggling with weight is when you’re in a new relationship. Sometimes you end up eating the same foods and the same portions as your significant other, who is male and 7″ taller!

Graduation, Age 23, 2005


I had gained all the weight back and then some. I felt like crap and was depressed. My chest sometimes had stabbing pains that made me worry. Finally I saw my doctor. Would you be surprised that he recommended I lose weight? In fact, he knew my mom was doing Weight Watchers and suggested I join her. That fall, as a brand new teacher, I started my career and my weight loss together.

Summer Before Teaching, Age 23


October 2005, Age 23


Mom and I went to Weight Watchers meetings on a weekly basis. It was working well to have a support system, incentives at meetings, and a points-based program! I also started blogging on Extrapounds, which was a lot of fun and very helpful.

Spring 2006, Age 23


May 2006, Age 24

This is around the time I began exercising. I don’t know why I’d waited so many months to begin. Our apartment building had its own little state of the art gym overlooking Lake Washington, so I started using the elliptical there several days a week. It became such an enjoyable activity that people sometimes called me the “Queen of the Elliptical Machine” because I’d be there like clockwork every day.


August 2006, Age 24


December 2006, Age 24


Spring 2007

Goal reached and exceeded! I still wear those jeans.

It felt amazing to be thin and healthy. I continued going to Weight Watchers meetings even after my mom stopped. Alas, without the people I knew attending the meetings I also stopped.

As you can guess, the yo-yo went back up.

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