Leanne Nalani

Chapter 4:

Fourth Gain & Fourth Weight Loss

“Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going!” – Jillian Michaels


What’s the excuse this time? In the end there really are not any good excuses for gaining and losing the same 75 pounds over and over again. One thing holds true – I know how to lose weight. I simply had no clue about maintenance.

After I lost the weight the last round, my husband proposed on a trip to Disneyland.

Spring 2007

We didn’t get married until summer of 2008, so there was lots of time to make mistakes. I picked out a dress, a European size 6. Over the course of the next year and a half I slowly gained 15 pounds, which wasn’t so bad.

Honeymoon in Hawaii, 2008

Over the years we got a dog, made new friends, and bought a house.

Christmas 2008




Summer 2010


June 2011


This is the last time. I swear! Seriously, I don’t know what triggered me to lose the weight this time around. It’s exhausting just thinking about the yo-yo that is my life. I’d gained all the weight back again. There I was, miserable in my fat suit for the fourth time.

This time around I was simply ready. It was summer vacation and I had no plans, so I rejoined Weight Watchers Online. Unfortunately they changed their program and it stopped working for me. From there I bought a book called The Beck Diet Solution, cognitive behavioral therapy laid out in steps that you can take at your own pace. One of the steps asked me to choose a diet plan but to also have a backup plan. Weight Watchers was my current plan, but my backup plan was calorie counting because it had worked for me in the past.

I tried and tried Weight Watchers, but I could not get past the plateauing which seemed strange considering I was only in the beginning of my weight loss. It seemed like no matter what I did to change things up, the weight refused to drop. I switched to my backup plan and searched for iPhone apps that could log nutritional information and exercise. Of everything I tried including MyFitnessPal, I settled happily on MyNetDiary Pro.

I immediately started exercising. We had an Xbox Kinect and I owned Zumba but hadn’t played it since the Kinect had first come out the year before. What a fun way to exercise! I quickly became addicted.

… And the weight started dropping.

July 2011


September 2011


Halloween 2011


January 2012

Goal reached! 60 pounds shed in 7 months. Logging food and exercise in an app helped, but the Beck Diet Solution gave me the drive to work my butt off and understand that healthy habits need to stay habits. I found that I love Zumba plus I started adding strength training with Jillian Michaels because I know that muscle mass will help my metabolism and weight maintenance will be easier.

This was one of the best Valentine’s Days ever


For our anniversary in July, I had a special secret photo shoot:

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